Kruvasan Istanbul is a story that begins with founder chef Ufuk Ügümü adding his touch to the classic croissant recipe,
resulting in a multi-layered, crispy, and buttery delight. Since 2015, Kruvasan has held the title of "the country’s first croissanterie" and
has become associated with trust, sincerity, and tradition; reminiscent of a cozy neighborhood bakery.

At Kruvasan Istanbul, we believe that in order for food to be ‘cooked’, prior effort and experience are necessary.
That’s why we take great care in craſting each and every one of our croissants and pastries, infusing them with a sense of homeliness and coziness.

With our passion for good food and hospitality, passed down through generations, we become your closest neighbor,
where we can create the sweetest moments of life together and make each visit a delightful journey


Teşvikiye, Av. Süreyya Ağaoğlu Sk. 10/C

Every day
08.30 - 16.00


For questions and detailed information;

+90 212 296 86 56